Whether you would like us to help SUPERVISE your project and SUGGEST some music choices or if you want to learn more about WHO WE ARE and HOW WE WORK ... You've come to the right place! Starting with the basics, check out our Video Tutorials about how to create Playlists and download all the differentavailable Mix Options of a particular title and you will be up and running in no time.


We compiled answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions out there, just click on the links below and you will find handy details about, basic procedures, downloading, searching, licensing, music usage and rates.


Where Do You Get Your Music?

The majority of our composed music was written exclusively for The Collection by our HAUS Core team of composers. These composers, located in The United States, UK, France, Denmark and Germany are the team that write most of the custom music that is the main business at HAUS. Additionally we maintain a roster of new talent in an effort to continually find fresh perspectives.

How Does An Indie Artist Get Into The Collection?

Our criteria for selecting Indie records is this: The record needs to be a recent release, Thematically it needs to sound compatible with what our customers tend to like and very importantly, the artist or band must be out there, actively working on their career, releasing more records, touring, generating buzz. Our Indie artists must be fresh, current and vibrant.

Why Does The Volume Vary Between Some Music Selections?

We are engineers, producers and music lovers, all pieces are in our acceptable range of loudness. We don’t believe in adding harmonics and boosting our limiters to an x-degree just to be louder, thus losing all dynamic range in the process. The indie artist records have all been mastered to maximum volume while our composer pieces are left to the judgement of the particular composer to give their music the life they feel it deserves.

48 Khz vs. 44.1 Khz

48 Khz / 24 bit frequency is today’s broadcast standard for digital music in Film & TV. The majority of our cues are printed at 48 khz, though some pieces and the recordings for the indie artists are printed in 44.1 Khz / 16 bit, the standard for the common Audio CD.

Do You Accept Unsolicited Music?

NO. If you are a composer or an indie artist and you think you have the goods to be a part of the HAUS Collection, you should email us with links to your work and some bio material. Unsolicited music will be treated as junk mail.

Who Does Your Photography And Art Direction?

For The HAUS Collection Album Covers and Newsletters we are lucky and excited to partner with two very well known photographers, Hugh Hartshorne and Colin Lane, who are helping shape and define our look by allowing us to use some of their amazing work.


Do I Need An Account To Be Able To Download Music From The Collection?

You are able to search and listen to music without logging in. To download music you must first sign up for a free account by clicking the “SIGN UP BUTTON” at the top of your screen.

What File Formats Are Available Through The HAUS Collection?

When you initially download music to audition with your project or share with your team, you will receive MP3. Once you decide on which tracks you want to use we will send you AIFF or WAV files along with your cue sheets and license confirmations.

Are Simultaneous Downloads Possible?

YES! You can download multiple pieces of music simultaneously by creating a playlist first and then downloading the playlist. You can watch the movie for a demonstration on how to do it best.

Can I Only Download A Sound File Once?

No, once you are logged in you may download a piece of music as many times as you like. However, before you are authorized to use anything you downloaded, you MUST secure and pay for the appropriate LICENSE.

3 Options To Download Files, What’s The Difference Between An MP3, WAV And AIFF?

MP3s are much smaller file sizes and therefore they are quicker to download at approximately 1mb per minute of sound and easier for your editing software to manage. They are high resolution 256kb/s mp3s whereas WAV/AIFFs are much higher quality at approximately 10mb per minute of sound. They are the broadcast standard.


What’s Up With “Makes Me Wanna” And “Kinda Sounds Like”?

These two search options are the result of how we always use and refer to music. Since music is the soundtrack to everything we thought to include, “Now what does hearing this music make me wanna do… Makes me feel safe, makes me wanna dance, makes me wanna get drunk… “ We seem to always refer to music in the “cross between matrix”… that band is a cross between Buddy Holly and Weezer. Click either MAKES ME WANNA or KINDA SOUNDS LIKE and a clue will appear. Select a want or a band and then click the X un the upper right corner of the cloud to lock in the search. You can add as many criteria to the search as you want but we usually don’t assign more than three items to each piece of music.

Can I Select Multiple Genres To My Search?

Sure. When you select a genre, the list will then return all the available genres that have matches with the first genre you selected.

How Do I Save My Search?

After you have completed a search you will see a star to the right of the main screen that says “Save this search”. Click on the star and the search will be saved in the SAVED SEARCHES tab of your USER DASHBOARD.


What Does The Term USAGE Mean?

Any time a piece of music is used in a production, either in its entirety or even just a small segment it is considered a USAGE and thus requires a license.

What Type Of License Do I Need?

Synching music to any form of video or audio production requires a MASTER/SYNCHRONIZATION LICENSE.

What Is The Duration Of A License?

Licenses can be for a short period such as a Single Performance or In Perpetuity. It all depends on your needs and will be discussed prior to the issuance of the license.

Can I Obtain A Blanket License For My Project?

Yes, a blanket license can be obtained in certain circumstances. Please feel free to discuss it with your HAUS representative.

Once I Have Picked Music, How Do I Tell You About It?

You can report music and begin the licensing process by calling your HAUS representative or by filling out a license request form.


Can I Purchase A Piece Of Music?

The HAUS Collection is built on a license model. While it is possible to purchase a perpetual, exclusive license, it is, in certain circumstances only, possible to buy a work outright.

How Many Times Can I Use A Piece Of Music In A Production?

All of our licenses are based on a single use. Each time you use a piece of music in a production constitutes individual uses that must be accounted for in the licensing process.

What Is The Price For Your Music?

All of our music transactions are done in the form of LICENSES and the media usage, territory, term and duration of each license dictates the price. Please feel free to call or email us with the details of your project and we will work with you and your budget to create a license that fits your needs.


Last but not least, our 2017 Rates Card and if you still can't find the answers you are looking for or need a special quote for your special project, just contact us directly, we are looking forward to hearing from you.